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Unaudited Condensed Semi Annual Financial Statements as at 30th June 2023

European Investment Bank

Unaudited Condensed Semi-Annual Financial Statements as at and for the six-month period ended 30 June 2023: EIB Group consolidated balance sheet, consolidated income statement, consolidated statement of changes in equity, consolidated cash flow statement, notes to the unaudited condensed consolidated interim financial statements under IFRS, EIB Group (..)

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What adjustments would you make to the financial statements of the comparable companies to ensure a


When performing a valuation analysis using comparable companies, it is essential to make certain adjustments to the financial statements of the comparables to ensure a meaningful comparison. This ensures consistency in financial reporting and facilitates a more accurate comparison.


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5 Questions with Stuart Gilson: Creating Firm Value

JD Supra: Mergers

Professor Gilson is an expert on valuation, credit and financial statement analysis, and corporate transactions. We interview Professor Stuart C. Gilson of the Harvard Business School to gain his insights on how firms create value. He has developed several Harvard Business School case studies for teaching MBAs and executives.

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SEC Adopts Final Amendments for M&A Financial Statement Disclosure

Cooley M&A

Yesterday, once again without an open meeting, the SEC voted (with a dissent from Commissioner Allison Lee) to adopt amendments to the requirements for financial statements relating to acquisitions and dispositions of businesses.

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Due Diligence: Government Contractors

Deal Lawyers

This excerpt addresses the financial issues addressed through government contract due diligence: Traditional financial due diligence (FDD) focuses on financial statements and the accuracy of the quality of earnings. Government contract due diligence goes further, […]

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How AI Can Enhance PMI


Due Diligence AI tools can assist with due diligence activities by automatically analyzing large volumes of data, including financial statements, legal documents, contracts and customer records. This analysis helps identify potential risks, synergies and opportunities associated with the merger or acquisition.

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What Are Assertions In Auditing?

Peak Frameworks

In the world of finance, auditing plays a crucial role in ensuring the accuracy and reliability of financial statements. Central to the audit process are assertions, which serve as the foundation for auditors to assess the validity and completeness of financial information.